Let us welcome you to the most mysterious escape game in Brno!
- Welcome to MysteryRoom!
  • Special effects & amazing atmosphere
  • Various difficulties & game lengths
  • Czech and English language variants
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Great choice for teambuilding
Can you and your colleagues cooperate
as a real team? Prove it!

If you are looking for a real challenge,
you are on the right place!

We offer you 60 to 120 minutes of team fun, which will really tease your brain.
Indices, riddles, rebuses, along with beautiful vintage props and special effects to complete the atmosphere - all of that awaits you inside MysteryRoom.

For whom is this game?

  • - for families with children
  • - for party of friends
  • - for group of colleagues

... and basically for everyone, who likes the challenge and is not afraid to try something new.

Phenomenon of escape games

MysteryRoom fits between so-called escape games, whose origin lies within clasiccal PC and console games, where players find themselves locked in a room and by using indices and various items in their surroundings, they try to find the right key and get out of the room. Now this concept has moved to the real world. Milions of people around the world have already fallen for this kind of entertainment.

We as well got infected by the phenomenon of escape games and we want to spread the infection :)

Alchemical laboratory

Discover the magic of ancient alchemy! Alchemist by the name of Magnicius the Great dedicated his whole life to researching the mystery of bringing hommunculus – the mythical artificial man - to life. Rumor has it that just before his death he managed to succeed and that he left some hints to his reasearch for future researchers in his study!
Would you dare to revive this creature?

  • 60 minutes ........................ 1200 CZK / team of 2–5 ppl.
  • 90 minutes ........................ 1500 CZK / team of 2–5 ppl.
  • 120 minutes ........................ 1700 CZK / team of 2–5 ppl.

Where will you find us?

Anenská 10, Brno-střed
602 00 Brno

Contact us!

+420 720 369 280

Write us!

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We are interested in self improvement, we want to improve our game further and we will appreciate every feedback you can provide us with;)

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Our game belongs to more difficult escape games. For everyone to fully enjoy the game, we offer you to choose the difficulty of the game.

You can choose from three options:

  • Easy - suited for beginners and families with children
  • Medium - golden mean
  • Hard - for escape game veterans

Are you 2 or 3 and you don't have any experience with escape games?

Recommended difficulty:

  • 90 minutes - easy
  • 120 minutes - easy / medium

Are you 4-5 and you are no greenhorns?

Recommended difficulty:

  • 60 minutes - easy
  • 90 minutes - medium
  • 120 minutes - hard

The price is for a team and it is calculated based on time that you choose on reservation and that you want to spend in the game. We recommend you to choose the time accordingly to your selected difficulty and your experience.

Prices valid from 1.4.2016:

60 minutes...................................1200 CZK
90 minutes...................................1500 CZK
120 minutes...................................1700 CZK

VAT is included in all prices.

Sorry, but it is not possible yet. Please prepare the amount in cash. However, we are considering deployment of the payment terminal in the future.

As we think that our game can be a really original present, we do also offer gift vouchers. Vouchers are ordinarily sent in electronic form via email one day after we receive your payment on our account, so you don't need to go anywhere – you can print your voucher comfortably at home. If you wish to receive voucher in printed form, you can pick it up personally in MysteryRoom or we can send it to you by post.

The voucher prices are the same as the stardard game prices.
Electronic version send via email ..................... + 0 CZK
Personal pickup of the printed voucher ................. + 30 CZK
Printed voucher sent via post .................... + 50 CZK

If you wish to have your own dedication written on the voucher, you can send us its content (max. 50 characters) and we will add it to your gift voucher.

All you need to do is write us an email to info@mysteryroom.cz.

We recommend you to bring some comfortable clothes and shoes.
On the site there are lockboxes you can use to store your valuables during the game.
TIP: It is also important to bring your team and good mood with you. You won't need anything more for the game ;)
Please arrive with your whole team 5 minutes before reserved game time.

MysteryRoom is located near the Brno center on the Anenská street, house no. 10 (you can find the map in contact information).
If you are travelling from Main Train Station: on tram station Hlavní nádraží (or Nové sady) catch the tram #1 or #2 and ride one stop to Hybešova. Then turn left (Leitnerova street) and continue straight ahead ca. 200 m and you are there.
If you are travelling from bus station Zvonařka, we suggest getting on tram #12 on Zvonařka stop, ride for 4 stops and get off on Šilingrovo náměstí stop. Then turn left (Pekařská street). After 200 m turn left again (Leitnerova street). Take the stairs down, continue straight ahead to crossroad with Anenská street (ca. 100&nbsc;m) and you are on your destination.
MysteryRoom is located on the second floor in the corner building just by the crossroads. You can use your legs or the elevator :)

Same as elsewhere in Brno :) We don't have any reserved parking spots, but if you are lucky enough you will find the place for your car in front of the building or in surrounding streets.
TIP: We recommend you to save the environment and use the public transportation :)

We don't have any age restrictions. Nevertheless the game itself is focused on solving various logical tasks, so the game can be too difficult for children younger than 10.
TIP: The game is suitable for families across generations. Build two teams even with your grandparents, try the game and try to beat each other's time ;)

We don't have any big claims on your physique in our game.

The room is not conceived as scary, so you don't have to be afraid that something will jump on you from the dark.
And if you would panic from the confined space, you can leave the room at any time you want :)

Yes, of course. You can go to the toilet even in the middle of the game :)